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On August 6th, 1997, a UFO seen by many witnesses in Mexico City and was caught on tape by one of these witnesses (who used a Sony Digital Camera). The UFO looks like a flying saucer as described by many UFO viewers. The day was said to be very hazy and no aircraft were cleared to depart except for two news helicopters.

The video was received by Jamie Maussan who later broadcast it. The 24 second tape was seen by millions of viewers worldwide. It was then taken to a video analysis company in Phoenix and Jim Dilettoso, who had viewed over 5000 other UFO videos, believed it was the best he had ever seen. But see for yourself by downloading the Quicktime (.mov), 4.4 MB video online.

Maussan is a well-respected Mexican Ufologist.

On this broadcast he was noticeably excited about the video. He said that he received it on Friday the 26th. Then he proceeded to read a letter that came accompanying the video.

After that he showed an amazing piece of footage.

On it you see a huge UFO hovering over a building. He estimated its size at 20 meters.

MexicoCityUFO1.jpg (111750 bytes)MexicoCityUFO2.jpg (100172 bytes)MexicoCityUFO3.jpg (115517 bytes)MexicoCityUFO4.jpg (136739 bytes)

You can clearly see the UFO is rotating over its axis. It has a very peculiar motion, as if earth’s gravity is affecting it as it flies. For a few seconds the UFO stays fairly static, then it begins to move. It travels from left to right and goes behind a building, reappearing again on top of the same building. It keeps traveling at a slow pase until it goes behind a second building and we never see it again.

On the audio you can hear the voices of two guys very excited, shouting and screaming as they tape the UFO.

Maussan analyzed the video by testing various “display modes” with a computer and by zooming digitally on the image. He concluded it was highly likely that is was genuine.

The following week on the broadcast of October 5th he continued the investigation. He went to the site where the video was shot and found several witnesses that corroborated the event.

He was calling it “the Supreme evidence” of the UFO Phenomena. He said that it was the best video in existence of a UFO, and that he would continue with the investigation.

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