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Like Dr.'s Tesla and Lakhovsky, George Van Tassel, the inventor and builder, was way ahead of his time.  Mr. Van Tassel said, "The Integraton is a machine, a high voltage electrostatic generator that would supply a broad range of frequencies to recharge the cell structure."

This incredible story starts at Giant Rock located near the Integratron, in Landers just north of Yucca Valley, in Southern California in 1947.  Formerly a sacred area of the native Indians Giant Rock is recognized as the largest freestanding boulder in the world.  Mr. Van Tassel learned of Giant Rock from his good friend Mr. Frank Critzer who was an individual loved the desert and had constructed a dwelling under the rock with several small rooms.

Later in 1953 Mr. Critzer was mysteriously killed in an explosion of dynamite stored in his dwelling under the rock.  Mr. Van Tassel and his family continued on there and used the dwelling for storage and build a small café outside the Rock, which became very popular.  Mr. Critzer has build an airport at Giant Rock and more and more individuals began flying in to see the Rock and visit the café.

A very large amount of electromagnetic energy (eme) is generated where Giant Rock comes in contact with the earth (Piezo electro effect) and George, being a spiritually driven man, began weekly meditation sessions at the rock site inviting all who wanted to experience this larger than life high level of eme, which would rejuvenate and vitalize their bodies energy levels. 

By July of 1953 the meditation group had grown large.  And something unexpected, very shocking, but wonderful happened. Mr. Van Tassel claimed that a UFO contacted him.  This relation continued and unexpectedly in August he was invited into the disc shaped spacecraft with the extra-terrestrials. 

It was in this meeting that the extra-terrestrials gave him the technique for rejuvenating living cell tissues. In 1954 he and his family began building this rejuvenating structure, which they called the “Integratron”. 

Later in 1954 George set up a secret meeting between the Aliens and the United States President Dwight Eisenhower.  The results of this meeting were kept classified but all direct and indirect reports say the same thing. It was agreed that in exchange for the Greys highly advanced technology the Greys could abduct people from our planet.   And that the United States would continue to deny the existence of UFOs.  


On page 3 & 4 from his book “Nothing In This Book Is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are”, ISBN1-883319-01-3, © 1994, Bob Frissell has something very interesting to say about this secret meeting.

Bob Frissell: “An alleged major event occurred in 1954, when our government made contact with a race of aliens that has since become known as the “Greys.” Evidently they landed at Edwards Air Force Base, met with President Eisenhower, and signed a formal treaty. 

According to Bill Cooper:

It was also agreed that bases would be constructed underground for the use of the Alien nation and that 2 bases would be constructed for the joint use of the Alien nation and the United States Government. Exchange of technology would take place in the jointly occupied bases.

Shortly thereafter, two outcomes became clear:

  1. The Greys had ignored the terms of the treaty by abducting far more humans than they said they would. They also carried out mutilations, both human and animal. The Greys said that this was necessary for their survival, that they were a dying race and that their genetic material had deteriorated to the point where they were no longer able to reproduce. They said they needed our genetic material or they would be history.

  2. Our weapons were no match for theirs. As a result, it was necessary to remain on a friendly basis with them, at least until we could develop weapons systems that might combat them. Of course, an “above top-secret” security lid was put on this with government agencies formed to investigate.

The above barely scratches the surface. There was much more information, all equally mind-blowing, as if straight out of a science fiction book.

As you can imagine both the meditation group and UFO visits continued to grow and increased.  So the family decided to began holding UFO conventions at the Rock.  This newly founded activity raise money and donations, including Howard Hughes, for the construction of the Integratron.  By 1959, 11,000 people attended conventions allowing George to continued his work on the Integratron and write several books on live cell rejuvenation techniques and even “Time Travel”.

Mr. Van Tassel mysteriously died in 1978 and the underground site at Giant Rock was bulldozed over and filled in by the federal government.

The military removed a lot of the electronic equipment located in the Integratron but the building still remains nearly intact today.  And although it is not fully activated you can still feel the overpowering electromagnetic energy it generates.  It is maintained by a small group of individuals who offer it for rental, tours, film locations and recordings. They calls it "A very powerful vortex for physical and spiritual healing".  

The Integratron

Van Tassel had enlarged Critzer's onetime home and was using it as a place where he and several spiritually minded friends would meditate and develop their psychic abilities such as astral projection and channeling. In August, 1953 his efforts led to a late night visitation by four small strangers with perfect teeth. Their leader, Solgonda, did most of the talking, giving Van Tassel a tour of the flying saucer they arrived in and telling him that mankind's flirtation with the power of the atom had brought Earth to the attention of the Council of Seven Lights, rulers of the universe. Solgonda warned against destroying hydrogen in atomic explosions, as hydrogen (as a component of water and fuel of the sun) was a life giving element. He told Van Tassel to spread the word of their visit and their message of peace as widely as possible.

Solgonda also gave Van Tassel plans for a wonderful device called an Integratron. Van Tassel would spend the rest of his life spreading the word of his visitation and raising funds for the construction of this device, which when completed would certainly be a wonder of the world and proof beyond doubt of extraterrestrial life. To help promote the cause, he founded the Ministry of Universal Wisdom and held the first Flying Saucer Convention at Giant Rock airport during the weekend of April 4th, 1954. For the next 16 years the format of these conventions would be pretty much the same; Van Tassel would address the crowd (admission was free but donations were accepted and the Van Tassel family did own a restaurant at the airfield) from a speaker's stand erected in front of Giant Rock. Round table discussions would be held and experts would speculate on the origin of flying saucers and extra terrestrials and rail against cover ups perpetrated by the US Air Force (some things never change, do they?). Ernest discussion would ensue over stories in the National Enquirer and people could buy and sell books with titles like "When Stars Look Down" and "I Rode a Flying Saucer" or jewelry such as a lapel pin one could buy for $2.50, depicting a space ship with "Interplanetary Brotherhood" written on it. Wearing a pin like this would supposedly identify the wearers as flying saucer enthusiasts, allowing strangers to meet and share a common interest.

It was an awkward time for people who'd seen a UFO, experienced a visitation or were just interested in flying saucers. Nowadays one can't avoid talk of space aliens, one of whom was even rumored to be advising the Ross Perot Presidential campaign a few years ago. One doesn't need to identify oneself with a little pin as a UFO believer, you're in a country with over a hundred million believers. A poll taken by Newsweek magazine in 1996 indicated that 48% of the US population believe in UFOs and 29% believe that contact has already been made.

Showing the way for the rest of society, the festivals at places like Big Rock drew tens of thousands of visitors during their height in the late fifties and early sixties. These meetings were vital during these early days; at the time they might have been the only place people could get together and exchange information and recount their experiences without being ridiculed.

Slowly, funds were raised to build the Integratron. In 1959 an anonymous benefactor donated $40,000 to the cause and construction began. Pacific Roof Structures of Montebello, California was contracted to build the 38 foot tall, 58 foot diameter wooden structure. It was of paramount importance that wood be the sole construction material used, metal would upset the electrostatic field that was vital to the functioning of the Integratron. Sited on a "natural cone of receptivity" the device was designed to focus three "ley lines" of force to rejuvenate the human body. Upon completion, Van Tassel planned to usher 10,000 people a day through the Integratron. Alas, he died in 1978, before the device was completed, taking the plans with him to the next level of consciousness.

The Giant Rock conventions had ended a few years earlier, a victim of dwindling attendance and rowdy bikers who crashed the festival in 1970 and set a car on fire. Whether or not these bikers were under orders to disrupt this gathering has never been determined.

The Giant Rock's Relationship With The Integratron

The Giant Rock formation used to be a ritual place for the native Indians of the area long before we appeared on the scene.  It was considered by them to be a place of strong medicine and only the higher-ranking Indians were allowed to approach and be involved in any of their ceremonies.  The Indian chiefs and elders would perform their ritual ceremonies and communicate with the living library of Mother Earth.  This method of communication allowed Mother Earth and them to symbiotically and harmoniously co-exist, each complimenting the other. 

No one seems to know much about how the Giant Rock and its two sisters rocks got there.  And these three rocks, which form a triangular formation, do not seem to be of the same kind of rock formation that already existing there.  Giant Rock itself covers 5800 sq. ft. of ground and is 7 stories high.  This rock is not a part of the earth but rather lies on top of its surface.  This means that Giant Rock and its two sister rocks exert an enormous amount of pressure on the earth at their points of contact.  The great rock’s pressure generates a great deal of electromagnetic energy (EME) through the scientific phenomena of the Piezo Electric effect.  The EME produced creates electromagnetic gridlines that extend outwardly away form the three rocks.  One of the major EME gridlines connects the Integratron to the Giant Rock formation.  And it is this EME connection that brings their relationship together.

Many meditation groups still use Giant Rock today as a primary site for the elevation of the positive collective consciousness.  During a group mediation in the third week of February of 2000 a lady told the group that Giant Rock was going to split the 23 of February 2000.  And if it split down the middle Mother Earth was upset with the way things were going with Earth.  And if it split off-center Mother Earth was happy with the way things were going with Earth.  The prediction that the rock was going to split was very difficult to believe however the group returned on February 23 to find that the rock had split.  And the split was off-center.  

A small group of us visited the Integratron and Giant Rock Oct. 19 of 2000 and experienced the majestic quiet peacefulness and serenity of the site.  One of the individuals with us has the unique ability to see beings in the non-physical form.  She saw a large group of spiritual Indians standing on the hill top ridge just immediately West of the Three Rocks.  She feels that they are there as guardians of the Rocks.  

About the Dwelling Under Giant Rock

The dwelling was a good example of geothermal heat management. Frank Critzer dug and constructed the dwelling under the North face of the Giant Rock with that in mind.  So, the large boulder took on heat with the summer sun retaining it in the rock and the immediate earth beneath it. And conversely by the same method of geothermal heat management, the Rock would cool during the winter and keep the room temperature comfortable during the summer.  So, even though the outside desert temperatures would range from approximately 25°F to 115°F, the highest temperature reached in the dwelling in the summer time was 80°F and the lowest temperature reached in the wintertime was 55°F.

The rooms constructed under the Rock had an approximately 400 sq. ft. living area.  Now remember 400 sq. ft. is only a small fraction of the total surface area of the bottom side but it still possessed are very large electromagnetic electrical charge.  And by those who had experienced the room beneath the rock all said that the electromagnetic electrical forces generated could be easily felt. 

After Mr. Van Tassel's mysterious death in 1978 Men In Black from the secret side of our government hired a local landscaping company, under secrecy to quietly bulldoze and fill-in the dwelling. 

The Integratron is sited on a magnetic vortex

The location of the Integratron is an essential part of its functioning. The siting was worked out according to a complex set of theories involving the earth's magnetic field, and the Integratron's relationship to the Great Pyramid in Egypt and Giant Rock, the world's largest freestanding boulder.

Giant Rock is thought to be the world's largest freestanding boulder. Van Tassel claimed that a gigantic magnetic vortex of several miles radius could be measured around the rock with magnetometers. He believed that the great weight of the rock produced a piezo-electric effect on its granite crystals, creating the necessary magnetic field.

Bruce Cathie's findings published in The Proceedings, November 5, 1977:

bulletThe latitude of the Integratron equals 2057.6125 minutes of arc north. The reciprocal of this value is .000486. The theoretical original height of the Great Pyramid, in geometric terms, was 486 geodetic feet. So, in harmonic terms, the latitude of the Integratron is the harmonic reciprocal of the height of the Great Pyramid at Giza. The value of 486 is very important as it incorporates the harmonics of time.
bulletThe latitude of Giant Rock is 2060 minutes north. As mentioned, the harmonic of 206 is directly associated with the earth's magnetic field, and the King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid.
bulletThe periphery of a circle centered on Giant Rock, and with a radius of 144 seconds of arc, passes through the geometric center of the Integratron.(144 is the harmonic of the speed of light).
bulletThe difference in longitude between the Integratron, Giant Rock and the Great Pyramid 147† 36' = -147.6†. Harmonic calculations are applied in 90† arcs, so we subtract 90† from 147.6† = 57.6†. The harmonic 576 = (144 x 4).
bulletThe great circle distance calculated between Giant Rock and the Pyramid complex at Giza is equivalent to 108.69†. This is a distance of 6521.4 minutes of arc, or nautical miles. The area enclosed in a circle with a radius equivalent to 108.69† is 37113.2554 square degrees. The harmonic reciprocal of this figure is 26944-the value derived from harmonic unified equation.
bulletA survey map was sent to me recently, which shows the positions of ten large ancient pyramids in the Shensi Province in China. The largest of these is about 1,000 feet high. This is over twice the height of the Great Pyramid at Giza. The interesting fact here is that the latitude of 34†20' north, which falls within the Pyramid complex, is the same latitude as Giant Rock. Also, a longitude passing through the Shensi Pyramid area is 108.69† (the displacement of Giant Rock and the Pyramids of Giza).

Space Clouds

Photograph taken at the Integratron, September 11, 2001


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