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Ed Asner, who starred on the Lou Grant and Mary Tyler Moore Show, has every reason to believe that UFOs are real because he has seen them. Asner knows from personal experience that the military has gone out of its way to silence UFO witnesses. Asner says, he was caught up in an extensive UFO scare that rocked the top brass of a military installation where he was stationed. The incident took place in the summer of 1952, while the actor was on duty at Ft. Monmouth, NJ. Asner insists that many of his Army buddies in the Signal Corps were seeing UFOs almost every day. There were both visual and radar observations. I remember one particular sunny afternoon the base was in an uproar. One of the enlisted men had come running in and told us there was a formation of flying saucers overhead. At first they thought he was crazy, but finally a number of the company engineers went outside saw them! The men were kept busy for several days tracking these strange discs through binoculars and calculating their speeds with sophisticated scientific instrumentation. I was told the speeds were astronomical. At the height of the UFO flap, Asner says, the Army asked the Air Force to chase the objects but the pursuit planes were never able to get close. The UFOs apparently outdistanced them with ease. It was at this point that the enlisted personnel at the base were told to keep quiet. Just about everyone had seen them. One day all the men, during class, were formally told, "If you went home yesterday and told your wife that you saw a UFO, you will go home today and tell her that you didn't." The implication of such a statement was made perfectly clear. It wasn't our business! The UFO activity lasted about a week. Thanks to George Reynolds and the Globe Newspaper.


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