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Possible Indications of an Abduction Experience

The following may be useful in helping to determine whether a person has had an abduction or close encounter. Most abductees have several of these symptoms; one alone is not enough to point toward abduction. No abductees have all of them.

Psychological Stress Symptoms

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Post-traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSS) are ways of describing an emotional condition that may follow some profound dislocation of a person's basic assumptions about the world they once trusted and thought they understood. It is seen in some abductees, but is not specific to abductees. It is seen as well as in crime victims and in people who have experienced natural disasters.

bulletPersistent anxiety, phobia, or avoidance behavior that arises suddenly and with no known cause. The person may be unable to go to the area where an abduction took place, such as a certain patch of woods or the back yard. They may start sleeping with their clothes on because they feel "safer", or with the lights on. They may avoid driving on a certain stretch of road. They may fear lights coming in the bedroom window. Some develop a sudden fear of animals thought to have "cold, beady eyes" (like snakes), or a fear of being out under an open sky. The key here is that the behavior is new, and began for no known reason.
bulletA strong negative reaction to media subjects associated with close encounters or aliens. The reaction of many people to the cover of the book "Communion" is well known. A person may not be able to watch a film dealing with aliens or abductions.
bulletSleep disturbances, such as insomnia, repeating nightmares, or persistent dreams involving subjects such as flying out a window, mysterious entities standing around one's bed, or unusual aircraft. Some other typical dreams are of being on a hospital table in a brightly lit white room, with beings around the table; or of being shown lots of babies or of holding unusual-looking babies; or of flying through the air, alone or with small beings.
bulletDaytime thoughts which intrude for no reason, about close encounters or UFOs or aliens. Thoughts which pop up repetitively or obsessively on these subjects, with no past history of doing so. There may be a sudden interest in reading up on UFO subjects or in discussing them with others.
bulletIrritability or bad mood following an unexplained encounter. Sometimes referred to as "UFO PMS". Again, a single characteristic by itself is not definitive. Just because you feel crabby does not necessarily mean that you have been abducted!!
bulletFeelings of extreme tiredness and loss of motivation for a few days following the incident.
bulletLoss of time. Some period of time, usually 1 to 4 hours, that can not be accounted for. (Can also be caused by illness, epileptic seizures, use of drugs or alcohol, "highway hypnosis" on long drives, intense concentration, and a number of other mundane cause.

Physical Signs

Physical signs would be various scars, cuts, scratches, bruises, etc. with no explanation or knowledge of how they got there. In general, they tend to heal rapidly and without pain. They normally bleed very little or not at all. Some typical marks are described below.

bulletStraight-line cuts anywhere on the body; especially if they heal almost immediately.
bullet"Scoop" marks - depressed circular or elliptical areas which look as if a divot of fat or muscle tissue were removed below the skin.
bulletPuncture marks; frequently multiple ones, in peculiar patterns. Also in women, puncture wounds, scars, or scabs in the navel area.
bulletSkin markings which look as though a patch of skin was removed and which then healed over. Usually reddish or purplish, and in the shape of some regular geometric shape, such as a square, triangle, or circle. As one person put it, "I woke up with a square hickey".
bulletNosebleeds, or spots of blood found on the pillow or bedsheets on awakening. Bleeding from an ear or from the navel is sometimes reported.
bulletBruises or scrapes which might indicate an unremembered struggle. Persons who bruise very easily have also noted bruises on their arms in the shape of finger marks (not common).
bulletParalysis or immobility while an abduction is in progress. Skeptics explain this symptom as "sleep paralysis", or akinesia; however, when related to an abduction, the experiencer need not be asleep, nor even in bed, for the paralysis to occur. Most reports of immobilization do occur while in bed, however.
bulletIn women, diagnosis of pregnancy, followed later by disappearance of the pregnancy, usually within the first trimester.

Personality Changes

These do not tend to be strongly diagnostic when considered alone, but some abductees have exhibited one or more of the following characteristics.

bulletSudden interest in health foods, or aversion to alcohol, tobacco, or meat. (Common.)
bulletSudden interest in the subject of UFOs or aliens, as mentioned earlier. A person may feel compelled to start reading on the subject, join a UFO study group, or the like.
bulletFeelings of "strangeness", as though the person suddenly did not fit in with ordinary people, or is out of step with the world. A new feeling of "cosmic awareness".
bulletUncharacteristic changes in social outlook; reversal in political point of view; sudden interest in world peace or environmental issues. (Very common.)
bulletA feeling of having new knowledge on a subject which has not been studied, or new insights on a subject which the person does know.
bulletA feeling of longing, or "missing" an alien being.
bulletA feeling that one has been given a "mission" to perform. A reluctance to become involved in a relationship or take on additional commitments because there is "something important" one must do.
bulletThe person may feel that they themselves are linked with aliens, or share some genetic heritage with aliens, or that their destiny is elsewhere in the universe.

Psychic Experiences

bulletDiscovery of new psychic abilities, or the enhancement of already existing psychic abilities. Sudden improvements in intuition. Occasionally episodes of poltergeist-like activity in the vicinity of the person in question are reported.
bulletElectronics going haywire or malfunctioning oddly with no explanation. Examples: street lights going out as the person walks under them, or TV set malfunctions when the person moves close to it. (Not common.)
bulletA sense of psychic communication with alien presences. Feelings of attraction, kinship, or warm feelings toward alien beings.
bulletA mental direction or compulsion to go to a certain place to meet with aliens or alien craft.

Alien Abductions are Evolution Oriented

by: Sally Suddock

One of the leading researchers investigating the alien abduction phenomenon said Saturday that he believes that a significant majority of such abductions are a goal-oriented, planned program with the ultimate purpose of spreading alien hybrids laterally through the Earth's population. "Take everything I say with a boulder of salt," said David Jacobs at the Bay Area UFO Expo in San Jose, California. "In fact, you should take everything all of us (UFO and ET) researchers say with a boulder of salt, because there are no UFO research standards" and a flock of theories on both phenomena, he cautioned his audience before offering his analysis of some 130 abduction cases he's studied. Jacobs was among 19 featured speakers at the conference over the weekend that reached not only an expected 3,000 registrants at the Double Tree Hotel, but potentially thousands through a webcast of the proceedings over the Internet at www.ufocommunity.com.

Jacobs related numerous common experiences reported by abductees he has interviewed through the process of regression through hypnosis. He said he's worked with more than 130 individuals and more than 800 sessions of regression over the past 35 years, all of which has led him to the conclusion that the cases are part of an overall, planned program by one or more alien races that has been occurring for approximately 100 years. A professor of history at Temple University, Jacobs holds a doctorate degree and has authored several papers on the phenomenon, the history of UFO encounters, and published this month with the University of Kansas: UFOs and Abductions: Challenging the Borders of Knowledge."

Virtually all of the abductees in his research recalled being placed on a table and undergoing procedures with devices extending from the ceiling or walls or wielded by the aliens. They have a strong sense that sperm or eggs have been taken during these procedures. In some cases, women have recalled fetal extractions. They describe the beings as having extremely small mouths and noses, but oversized, almond-shaped eyes. They vividly recall aliens staring at them, at extremely close range, and the sense of becoming one with the being through some kind of optical, neurological connection. And, virtually all the subjects Jacobs has studied experience "missing time" during the period in which they were taken. Virtually all of these individuals cannot recall the experience in normal consciousness, and many, said Jacobs, believe they hold "some kind of unnerving knowledge" that they cannot remember, even under hypnosis.

Other commonalities also have emerged, says Jacobs. For one, most abduction victims have undergone the experience from early childhood and the abductions have continued through their adulthood. Most, he said, also have earlier family members who were abductees in short, he said, the phenomenon appears to be intergenerational. "We have seen no adult-onset single events," he said of his and other researchers' findings about the phenomenon.

"These abductions occur at infancy or toddler stage to a certain point of age seldom beyond 80 years," he said. "We believe it's a program of 'mining' and 'harvesting' human reproductive cells. The conclusion is clear, he said, from frequent reports from abductees that they've seen "hybrid" beings during their experiences that resemble neither human nor alien. Further, he said, "the intergenerational phenomenon is a bombshell idea," discovered by his colleague Budd Hopkins, who also spoke at the conference. Jacobs said he asked a colleague who is a mathematician to calculate the number of generations it would take to abduct Earth's population. "I asked him to calculate how many generations it would be before everybody's an abductee," said Jacobs. "He said 7 generations," assuming no intermarriages between hybrids, but rather a "lateral" project of abduction. "If you work that backwards, this phenomenon could not have begun with the ancients," such as has been suggested about alien influence on Egyptian culture, for example. His colleague's 7-generations calculations led Jacobs to conclude that the alien program began some 100 years ago. And, he added, there are "significant amounts of evidence in family stories of this kind from this period."

Jacobs believes that alien abductions "began as a small program, but has grown much larger "when you consider that abductees experience never less than 11 incidents per year the dimensions of this tell you there's a lot going on here." He added that abductees report seeing "aircraft-hanger-sized rooms with 20, 200, even 500 tables of procedures occurring."

Are there alien hybrids among us? Jacobs believes that the answer is a certain affirmative. "There is ample evidence," he said. "Now what we must determine whether this phenomenon is a threat. Science should be looking at questions such as 'who are the abductors and what is their role' on the evolution of societies in the future.


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