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Radiation mayhem if Earth's poles flip

January 13, 2003

The North Pole is on the move. Scientists have found large holes appearing in the Earth's magnetic field, suggesting the north and south poles are preparing to reverse positions in a magnetic flip.

A period of chaos could be imminent when compasses no longer point north, migrating animals head in the wrong direction and satellites are burnt up by solar radiation.

The holes lie over the south Atlantic and the Arctic. The changes were revealed after detailed data from the Danish Orsted satellite was analysed. Results were compared with data from earlier satellites.

The speed of the change has surprised scientists. Nils Olsen, of the Centre for Planetary Science in Denmark, one of several centres analysing the data, said the Earth's core appeared to be undergoing dramatic changes. He added: "This could be the state in which the Earth's geodynamo operates before reversing."

The geodynamo is the way the magnetic field is generated: by currents of molten iron flowing around a solid core. Sometimes giant vortices form in the liquid metal and they can change or even reverse the magnetic fields above them.

Olsen's team believes vortices have formed beneath the North Pole and south Atlantic. If they become powerful enough they could reverse all the other currents, causing the north and south poles to switch places.

Andy Jackson, a specialist in geomagnetism at Leeds University, said a change was long overdue: "Such flips normally happen every 500,000 years, but it has been 750,000 years since the last one."

The change could affect humans and wildlife.

The magnetosphere gives vital protection against searing solar radiation that would otherwise sterilise Earth.

Although the magnetic field would probably not disappear altogether, it may weaken while the poles switch. The resulting surge in radiation could cause cancers, reduce crops and confuse migrating animals, including whales and pigeons.

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Prelude To A Pole Shift

The article above indicates that upheavals within the Earth's core are causing anomalies in the magnetic field surrounding the planet. The assumption is that the magnetic poles are about to flip. But these changes in the magnetic field surrounding the Earth reflect changes in mass and the flow of electrified magma convection currents that circulate between the Earth's core and the surface of the planet. The changes in the magnetic field of the planet are symptomatic of the resulting changes to the electrical properties that project the magnetic field about the planet. As such, these are the first indications of an impending geophysical pole shift and not simply a geomagnetic pole shift as the article above speculates. These shifts in mass within the planet are altering the weight distribution within the spinning Earth. When these become great enough as to offset rotational balance, a geophysical pole shift will result. Geomagnetic anomalies are therefore the first symptoms of an impending geophysical pole shift.


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