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Face of Nefertiti 'recreated'

Egyptologists believe they have recreated the face of the legendary Queen Nefertiti.

A reconstruction of the face believed to be that of Queen Nefertiti /PA

A picture of the Egyptian ruler was built up by a team which discovered a mummy in what is thought to be her tomb.

The mummy that was uncovered /PA

Dr Joann Fletcher uncovered what she believes is the tomb and worked with her team to create the face.

Nefertiti - whose name means "the beautiful or perfect one has come" - lived more than 3,000 years ago and was famed for her elegant profile and swan-like neck.

She was married to the pharaoh Amenhotep IV who established both his own religion and the capital of Egypt at Amarna.

Some archaeologists believe she may have ruled the country in her own right for three years following her husband's 17-year reign, although others believe she died before his rule ended.

Following her death, she was not remembered fondly and her image was defaced throughout the land.

Dr Fletcher said: "I couldn't believe it, that moment when I first saw her.

"After 12 years of searching for Nefertiti, it was probably the most amazing experience of my life. It certainly has some wide-ranging implications for Egyptology."

The reconstruction and the story behind it features in a film being shown on the Discovery Channel on September 7.


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