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Today's Activity: 4-24-03 6:33 AM PST - A good one today folks. We have seismic activity on the majority of monitors at the 11:00 and 12:00 time references. A definite global tremor in progress. In addition, you will note at the following link - Near Real Time World Earthquake Bulletins, that there are no major earthquakes of a magnitude 6.0 or greater, anywhere on Earth today or the previous day. This goes to disprove a recent statement by a USGS representative, that many worldwide seismic monitors will respond to local earthquakes of 6.0 or greater. Since we do not have any such activity reported, the seismic monitors cannot be responding to any such local earthquake activity. In fact, there are no earthquakes of a major or minor degree on this date and time anywhere displayed. Therefore, this global seismic event has nothing to do with any known earthquake activity.

These global tremors are occurring at a level deep within the mantle of the Earth, and are a prelude to a coming geophysical pole-shift. The solid outer mantle of the Earth is preparing to break free from the deeper portions, and slip around the stationary gyroscopic core to a new position. The tremors are an indication that internal stress is building. The centrifugal force of rotation is acting on an imbalance in the outer portions of the mantle, in opposition to the stronger gyroscopic force within the Earth's deeper interior, which is resisting the tendency to shift position. When the imbalance in the Earth's mantle becomes great enough, it will break free and move en-mass to a new position relative to the fixed location of the core, and a more balanced position relative to weight distribution and the Earth's rotation. The result will be that the north and south poles will occupy a different position on surface of the planet. The reason why these global tremors come and go is explained in the commentary that follows:

The mantle and crust of the Earth are not uniform in all areas of the planet. There are areas of greater and lessor density, voids, cracks and so on. There are areas where the crust is very thin and other areas where the crust is thicker with towering mountains and so on. The oceans are also another factor to be considered. All of these topographical variations are balanced in the rotation of the Earth. For instance, the towering Himalayan Mountain Range on one side of the Earth, is balanced on the other side by the weight of the Pacific ocean and so on. When this molten core liquid heats up and expands, greater pressure is exerted against the surrounding mantle, and bulges are created in the mantle and crust of the Earth that offset the previous balanced rotational configuration. In addition, there are areas within the mantle where this core material can well up into cracks and voids and other areas of less density, as is thought to be the case beneath the African Bulge now being observed in that nation. Core magma is an extremely dense iron based material with great weight. This upwelling of core magma into the surrounding mantle contributes greatly to an imbalance in the Earth's rotation.

Now the reason these global Earth tremors come and go, is that the imbalance in the Earth's rotation is variable and represents a cycle of expansion and contraction within the core of the Earth. With expansion, the imbalance in the mantle increases, as the bulges in the Earth rise imperceptibly, and heavy magma squeezes into the upper regions of the mantle. A rise of just one inch over an area of a thousand square miles would be unnoticeable, and so would be the upwelling of extremely heavy magma into the interior portions of the mantle, but the weight differentials of the spinning planet would be greatly affected. With core contraction, the bulges would subside and the heavy magma would withdraw from the mantle, and the imbalance in the Earth's rotation would thereby be lessened. This is reflected in the appearance and disappearance of these global Earth tremors. Volcanoes exhibit similar behavior before an eruption. It is therefore a logical conclusion that these global tremors are caused by volcanic upheavals within the core of the Earth, with resulting variable affects to the weight distribution of the Earth's mantle.


Magnetic fields above sunspot 314 have erupted twice: at 1905 UT on March 17th and at 1205 UT on March 18th. Both explosions sparked X1-class solar flares and hurled coronal mass ejections (CMEs) into space: #1, #2. Neither CME was squarely Earth-directed. Nevertheless, the expanding clouds could deliver glancing blows to our planet's magnetic field on March 19th and 20th. This adds to the already good chance of auroras during the next 48 hours.

Double Trouble Ahead - A look at the solar image on our index page will reveal one of the largest Earth facing coronal holes that has been witnessed during this current solar cycle# 23. The solar wind emitted by this coronal hole is now impacting the Earth's magnetosphere and bringing about increased Aurora activity around the globe. In addition to this, a very large Sunspot that is five times the diameter of the Earth, is also facing the Earth and has erupted into an X-class solar flares. The solar material blasted from the sun by this Earth facing sunspot, in combination with the Earth facing coronal hole, will bombard the Earth's magnetosphere with enormous amounts of electrically charged particles at uncommon velocities.

As a result of the absorption of this electrical energy into the Earth at the poles, and a process known as electromagnetic induction - Faraday's Law Of Induction, caused by moving magnetic fields in close proximity to the Earth, more electrical energy will be induced within the Earth's mantle and transfer to the planet's core. These increasing voltages will add more heat to the interior of the planet and even greater volcanic upheavals within the Earth will result. Global Earth tremors are underway as the Earth's mantle is already off balance by the shifting magma = mass within the planet, and in response to centrifugal forces acting upon the heavier portions, the mantle is threatening to break free from it's fixed position relative to the gyroscopic core. This current solar activity may well be the straw that breaks the camel's back and brings about a geophysical pole-shift.

DATE-(UTC)-TIME   Latitude   Longitude   Depth  Magnitude  COMMENTS
 year mm dd hh:mm:ss.s  deg deg
2003/03/17  18:55:47 51.38N 177.83E 33.0 6.2 RAT ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN ISLANDS
2003/03/17  16:36:16 51.42N 177.91E 33.0 7.0 RAT ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN ISLANDS


Global Earth Tremors Update: 3-16-03

A global seismic event was recorded again at the USGS Seismic Servers Website for several hours today. Things have since returned to calm. Today's event was not as vigorous as the March 11th event, but it was definitely a global seismic disturbance. I managed to capture the seismographic images, as they looked at about 7:20 AM - PST. At noon the activity was still continuing, and by late afternoon it finally subsided. You will note that the majority of worldwide monitors displayed, show a simultaneous seismic event. Watch for further such disturbances on a global scale as the Earth enters the final stages of a process that will culminate in a geophysical pole-shift - USGS Live Internet Seismic Servers website.

Entire Planet Rocked By Seismic Activity 3-14-03: On March 5th. and March 11th., there were two worldwide seismic events recorded by USGS seismic monitors. The March 11th event was captured and sent to me by email. It is an amazing series of 51 seismographic charts from all areas of the globe, showing a simultaneous seismic event. This was displayed at this USGS website on 3-11-03.

Here are the seismic charts from USGS dated 3-11-03 showing a global Earth tremor occurring simultaneously around the planet. A definite prelude to a pole shift. Patience - slow load.

There is still some chat about the event at the following  website location.

Pole Shift Alert - Global earth tremors indicate a movement of the Earth's mantle over the molten and semi-molten layers of the planet's interior. A movement of the entire mantle over the molten interior. This would indicate that shifts in mass = magma within the interior of the Earth, have altered the balance of rotation in the mantle of the spinning globe. This has been brought about by increasing temperatures within the Earth's core, and related volcanic upheavals associated with heightened electrical activities in response to ongoing solar storms.

Because of its smaller diameter and suspension in molten liquid, the Earth's core is isolated and spins faster than the solid outer mantle of the planet. The Earth's core is thus gyroscopic. A gyroscopic will resist all attempts to alter the direction of its axis. However, the weight distribution in the outer mantle of the planet, has been altered by the movement and upwelling of heavy iron rich magma plumes = mass, into the mantle. This is resulting in an imbalance in the rotation of the Earth. The centrifugal tendency of rotation is to fling the heavier portions toward the equator. But the inner gyroscopic core of the planet is resisting this tendency to shift the direction of the axis. This translates into a precessional movement or wobble characteristic of all gyroscopes when lateral pressure is applied to alter the direction of axis. But as volcanic upheavals continue within the Earth's core, the lateral pressure will continue to increase within the mantle as the balance continues to be offset by the shifting weight within the planet. This will eventually reach a point where the force exerted will override the weak adhesions between the mantle and the molten interior. The mantle will then slide en mass over the stationary core, to a more balanced position relative to weight distribution and rotation. The entire mantle and crust of the planet will slip around the stationary core. The result will be that the poles of the Earth will occupy a different geographic location on the planet while the core remains fixed and unmoved.

The movement of the entire mantle of the Earth over the molten and semi-molten portions of the planet's interior, will of course result in global earth tremors. The Bible describes these earth tremors as a great worldwide earthquake that shakes every mountain and moves every island out of their places. Jesus describes it as the powers of heaven being shaken. Suffice it to say, that the global seismic evidence mentioned above, would indicate that rotational dynamics have reached a point where a pole shift will soon occur. Once again, the Bible has it exactly right. The centrifugal forces of rotation acting on the imbalance in the mantle have begun to break free the bonds that hold it to the deeper portions within. Global Earth tremors are the result.

This is not a time to panic however, for this pole shift will not bring catastrophic destruction by either wind or wave. It will all happen in sync with rotation and everything on the planet will simply move right along with it. We can expect global earth tremors and earthquakes. There will be a frictional line of disturbances between the upper and lower portions of the Earth's atmosphere. A darkening or clouding of the skies will result worldwide. Due to shifting mass = gravity, there will be changes in orbital mechanics, which will make for meteors and meteorites to fall for a period of time. The stars, moon and sun will occupy different positions relative to earthly observation. The greater immediate changes will be to the climate and weather, and to the topography of the planet as it relates to the crust and the rising and lowering of some portions as a result. New lands will rise above the waves and some now above will sink below. The floor of the ocean will be the area of most dramatic change, as the Earth's crust is thinner in these regions and more susceptible to volcanic and earthquake reformation.


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