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Numerology, as it is presented today, is based on the precepts presented by Pythagoras that nature geometrizes, that divine law is defined and accurate, and that it can be computed and figured with mathematical precision as definitely as any statement in arithmetic or physics.

In the early times the Hebrew alphabet contained twenty-two letters or symbols. Our present-day alphabet, moving forward through the past ages of civilization, contains twenty-six letters. It will eventually contain twenty-seven letters, as mankind moves forward into a better understanding of the Brotherhood of Man.

Mrs. L. Dow Balliet of Atlantic City is the authority for the modern method of relating names, numbers and vibrations. She gave the world a spiritual and practical system of applying numerical symbols to the analysis of character, and wrote several books, which are to be found in the public libraries of many large cities.

For many years, Numerology was not a well-known subject. Through its presentation by Dr. Julia Seton, international New Thought lecturer, much was done to bring it to the public and into popular use. She presented it to the people of many countries the United States, South Africa, Australia, and the Hawaiian Islands educating the public to the truths hidden in the scrolls, symbols, and numbers as interpreted by Numerology. She is credited with giving the Science of Names and Numbers the modern name "Numerology."

Many excellent teachers and lecturers, recognized for their knowledge, experience, books and research, are serving humanity through the teachings of Numerology, and much credit is due them for their work and good standing in the community.


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