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The Melchizedek Mystery

Sylvia Shanti Vowless

"Melchizedek’s a mystery,
He’s called the hidden Lord,
For he’s the sovereign Lord of Light
Who teaches souls God’s Law." (with apologies to T.S.Elliot’s poem Macavity!)

Lord Melchizedek

The delightful poem about Macavity the mystery cat popularized in the musical "Cats" just seemed to me to have the perfect rhythm calling out for a poetic Melchizedek rewording! The verse above aims to summarize the mysterious Melchizedek whose name is rapidly becoming recognized worldwide, leading many to question what it represents, who Melchizedek is, and why the sudden interest in him.

The mystery surrounding Melchizedek has intrigued me ever since I heard the name in the late eighties. Accompanying it came the now-familiar ‘electric shock’ sensation which I now understand serves as a sort of "cosmic wake-up call" to alert me to another spiral of understanding I must follow. So started a fascinating ongoing journey of mystical experiences, intuitive information confirmed and validated by years of intense research and study of ancient and modern texts. This has resulted in the unravelling of a little part of this intriguing mystery which I now share with you.

More and more people today are responding to the name Melchizedek itself which seems to have become a popular buzz word in New Age spiritual circles. Along with the symbol of the six-pointed star which is the Seal of Melchizedek as well as the Seal of Solomon, it catches people’s attention and interest, often triggering a feeling of connection and recognition. My personal view is that they have a vibration which helps to wake us up in this lifetime to our real life or soul purpose. I was given the term Melchizedek Awakening to describe this worldwide happening, this triggering of a deep yearning to remember and find the God-Self within. This leads us to become aware of our soul’s path and wanting to know how to bring our soul to perfection. This is what Melchizedek stands for and his name helps us to remember.

Yet there is so little known about this ancient being whose name in its original Hebrew translates as Sovereign or King (Hebrew Melek or Melchi) of Righteousness (Hebrew Zedek), meaning the right use of consciousness.

Let’s start with what Melchizedek is not. He is not an angel or even an archangel. He is not the founder of a religion or -ism. He is not an Ascended Master. He is not anyone’s guide or guru. He is not nor ever was human in the usual sense. So what on earth is he - or she? "On earth" is the only way we humans are able to relate to something beyond our normal perception or understanding, having as yet little memory of what is beyond this physical experience. Yet "on earth" does give us some clues within a clue. There is only one mention and record of this energy or Being of Light appearing in a human form on earth and that is in the Bible during the time of Abraham.

He was known as the King of Peace which I find interesting, as according to the Bible, peace is an attribute of God, "The peace of God which passeth all understanding." But it has been demonstrated for us through Melchizedek, the King of Peace, and then Jesus, the Prince of Peace. Surely now it’s our turn to demonstrate peace!

He was also referred to as High Priest of the most high God, and established the planetary Priesthood of Melchizedek for up until that time, there had only been a Levitical Priesthood. But even for Bible scholars this in itself creates a challenge, because it says in Hebrews 7: 3: "Without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life; but made like unto the Son of God; abideth a priest continually."

So what on earth does this tell us? If he was without human parents, wasn’t born into a body, didn’t die ........ was he human? We could safely assume that he most definitely was not! So he must have simply materlalized on earth, and presumably dematerlalized or disappeared when his work was finished. Was he perhaps using an etheric body, or a Light body form? We will never know, and yet it doesn’t really matter. What does matter in this mystery is why this Son of God appeared, and what result and legacy this Priest King Melchizedek left for humanity.

According to such sources as The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch by Professor J.J. Hurtak, and the Urantia Book, Melchizedek is known as the Educator of the Soul, which is why we are probably recognizing his energy at our soul level rather than intellectually. Our soul is the ‘real’ or immortal part of ourselves which is evolving to ever higher states of consciousness. It is housed in the temple of the body, which lasts for only a matter of years and is then changed for each incarnation just as we change our clothes. So Melchizedek’s realm of God-given responsibility is concerned not with our temporary bodies but with the ‘real’ part of us and whatever promotes the soul’s growth and evolution. Awareness of our soul’s path is what he came to bring humanity, and is what the Melchizedek Consciousness as his legacy is called, continues to offer us today.

He is referred to as an eternal, cosmic Lord of Light, and being eternal he has existed in the higher realms long before humanity was created. Melchizedek is also said to be sovereign over all powers and galactic universes which are beyond our present level of understanding. Rather a mind-boggling concept and one which is so vast when you consider that we don’t even fully understand our own universe, and as yet we have only scant knowledge of other galaxies. He is therefore so far removed from our human experience, way beyond even the Ascended Masters, that it’s almost impossible for us to comprehend!

To bring this mystery into human terms so we can appreciate this cosmic scale a little better, I was given the analogy of a vast, not multi-national but multi-universal and multi-galactic company or network concerned with promoting spiritual evolution through soul education, or as some texts call it, the Science of the Soul. With branches not only across our planet, imagine this company or to use a more correct term hierarchy, with branches on countless other planets in countless other universes. The cosmic chairpersons of this huge network are Melchizedek, Metatron and Archangel Michael with the ‘Head Office’ in the highest dimensions, or with Source, God, whatever term suits you to use.

Just as in a small, by comparison, international company, the chairperson does not communicate directly with all members on a personal level but through a chain or levels of command, so we can conclude that Melchizedek does not need to communicate directly or personally with us either. Yet what is termed the Melchizedek Consciousness aspect of God’s Love, is surely passed on to the myriad universes and planets from the higher realms through the Order of Melchizedek over which Melchizedek rules.

As confirmed in the Bible, this in turn is brought to this earth plane through High Priests of the Order of Melchizedek. These include the Ascended Masters of the planetary White Brotherhood, all the great Avatars, teachers, sages and masters who have come to earth at different times and in different cultures to help show us the way home to God. Jesus for example, is mentioned several times in the Bible as "being a high priest after the order of Melchizedek," and it is believed that part of his mission was to re-establish the planetary Priesthood of Melchizedek on earth. From their teachings and example have sprung all the earth’s great spiritual traditions, mystery schools and religions, all seeded by the same fundamental principles or laws of God translated through the Melchizedek Consciousness.

This is still what true Melchizedek teachings today are all about, and indeed what all spiritual paths teach although couched in their own particular terms. Their common themes teach love of God, of each other, and reverence of life. All in their own way help us to get to know our God-Self, or I AM Presence as it is often called. This leads us to develop our connection with "the still small voice of God within" to guide us. All traditions teach us how to live what Lord Buddha called the path of "right thought, right word, right action." Knowledge of the Universal Laws support this and lead us to self-mastery.

Which means that in spite of all the apparent differences of interpretation, there is a beautiful Divine unity underlying all true paths, all spiritual philosophies, and yes, even all religions in their original form. I have had wonderful discussions with Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, Melchizedeks, Jews, Mormons, Catholic priests and priests of many paths who have without exception confirmed this unity within their fundamental precepts.

To me this is very exciting. It offers us hope for the future, that by looking past the differences and diversity we can recognize and celebrate instead our unity and oneness of the God within each of us. This is what Melchizedek’s Law of One represents, our oneness or unity awareness which we all hope will eventually bring humanity together again as one family, the family of God. Then like the story of the prodigal son, we too will return home, home being not so much a place as a return to the state of full God/Christ/Buddhic/Krishna consciousness and bringing heaven to earth.

Maybe this is the answer to the Melchizedek mystery. Everything which helps to awaken our soul to its Divine potential is providing signposts to help us on our spiritual journey, a journey without distance.

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